Business Intranet Software: 5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs An Intranet

For many small businesses, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Juggling many tasks with a handful of employees means time is tight and budgets are limited. However, to be successful small businesses have to be efficient and effective. Whether it’s internal communications, team collaboration, or information sharing, small businesses face similar challenges to larger ones with more resources.

Imagine the difference a software platform that ticks all the boxes could make to your operations? Under one virtual roof, business intranets provide all the tools your company needs. Simple to set up and easy to manage, the best thing is small business intranet solutions are easily affordable.

Here are five reasons why business intranet software is the must-have platform for your small business.

1. Communication Made Easy

Employees in small businesses wear several hats. Often they work across multiple functions and projects. Nowadays, they are also likely to be working remotely in distributed teams with a mix of freelancers and contractors.

Good communications are essential to high-performing teams. However, time spent traveling to long project meetings and sifting through complicated email threads is often time wasted.

Business intranet solutions are a more efficient and effective way to keep staff informed and connected. Use the small business intranet’s instant messaging tool for team communication and speed up decision-making. Set up # channels and group chats to keep everyone in the picture. While the @mentions feature ensures vital information isn’t missed.

Real-time communication with instant messaging could be a game-changer for your small business.

2. Improve Collaboration

In distributed teams with a mix of worker types, collaboration can be a challenge. Business intranet software provides a central collaboration hub that bridges geographical and time boundaries.

Shared digital workspaces bring staff together to brainstorm, share insights and data and generate ideas. Easy to implement on-page permissions limit access to relevant personnel only.

Better still, why not embed Google Workspace or MS Office 365 apps for real-time collaboration on documents and files.

And because your small business intranet is hosted in the cloud, workers have any time, anywhere, real-time access.

3. Automate Business Processes

Does your small business rely on email or paper approvals processes? How many times do these systems fail due to lost information or human error? The answer for most companies is too many.

Automated processes do away with these costly and unproductive old ways of doing things. Automated forms are perfect for repetitive processes like stationery ordering and vacation leave. Business intranet software comes with an intuitive forms builder that will save time and boost productivity. Or, if you prefer, you can also use embedded Google Forms or Microsoft Forms.

4. Secure File Storage And Easy Sharing

Business intranet software makes it easy to share secure information internally and externally. With unlimited data storage, there’s no need for external file-sharing options. All the information staff need is at their fingertips in one location.

Furthermore, simple site navigation and an advanced search function make it easy to find that vital document when needed. Faster, simpler, and more flexible than paper or email systems, business intranets are designed for today’s digital workplace.

5. Promote Company Culture With Social Intranet Features

Business intranets help promote a strong company culture with high levels of employee engagement. A strong company culture underpins every successful business, both large and small.

Social intranet features give employees an organizational voice. Use them to develop those all-important two-way conversations to make workers feel valued. And liking, sharing, and commenting on content provides the workforce with a shared sense of vision and values.

Follow-me functionality and activity walls are another way to connect employees and share knowledge. Workers can share multi-formatted information, including video, files, and images. And in today’s remote working world, this ability to develop a strong company culture is priceless.

Business Intranets Solve Big Problems For Small Businesses

Small businesses need easy-to-deploy and manage solutions. And the business intranet certainly fits the bill. Even a die-hard technophobe will find intranet software simple to set up and easy to manage. Plus, the affordable monthly fee makes for cost certainty — another advantage for budget-conscious small businesses.

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MyHub, easy to use cloud-based intranet solutions that help businesses communicate and collaborate.

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